The Top 7 Lesser Known WordPress Features

  1. Dashboard Widgets 01:06
  2. Sticky Posts 01:56
    • A sticky post is a post that you stick to the top.
    • With WordPress blogs, the most recent content will stick to the top. So if you want a post to stay at the top of your blog, you can make it “sticky”.
    • On the “post edit” screen, there is a checkbox to make the post sticky.
  3. Scheduled Posts 02:53
    • You can click “publish” after you finish a post, or you can click “schedule”.
    • This is what we use for WP The Podcast. Our episodes go live at 5 am every morning. Thankfully because of this feature, no one is up at 5 am clicking the publish button.
  4. Quick Embed Media Feature 03:33
    • WordPress has pre-made media URLs that it will format when you paste in your URL.
    • So if you paste a YouTube URL, this widget will automatically find that video and format it on the page.
  5. Formatting Shortcuts 04:16
    • This is another one of the great time saving WordPress features.
    • WordPress has formatting shortcuts that you can use when writing blog posts.
      • # for h1 tags, ## for h2 tags, ### for h3 tags, and so on.
      • * or – to start unordered lists. or 1) to start ordered lists.
      • > for blockquotes.
      • — for a horizontal line.
      • `..` for code block.
  6. Image Editing 05:43
    • WordPress has a built-in image editing tool. You can crop, resize, and flip the image.
  7. Close Comments After Set Amount of Days 06:17
    • Comments are great for creating community on your website, answering questions, etc.
    • Having comments also opens your site to a lot of spam.
    • Even if you are using a plugin to filter out spam comments, you’ll still have some get through.
    • If you have a lot of blog posts, you don’t want to have to go back and delete comments from a 5 month old blog post.
    • Some companies set a date on your comments. For example, you could set a post to close comments after 3 months.

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