The Best Membership & Learning Tool Plugins for WordPress

  1. MemberPress 01:55
    • More of a membership platform because there is so much that you can do with it.
    • You can build out drip content, restrict pages, give out coupons, create trial periods, and more.
  2. Restrict Content Pro 02:47
    • Another very robust membership tool. It integrates easily with plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and Affiliate WP.
    • It includes all of the great features mentioned above and also membership levels, subscriptions, etc.
  3. LearnDash 03:56
    • A very established LMS (learn management system) platform.
    • All of the features that you would expect, including the ones mentioned above.
    • This tool is an all-in-one solution for creating online courses.
  4. LifterLMS 04:36
    • Another all-in-one course creating solution with similar features to LearnDash.
    • The founder and the company are very involved in the WordPress and Divi community. There is a Facebook group for Lifter LMS users. They constantly create content and tutorials to post in the Facebook group.

For more information about the features and comparisons for each of these tools, check out this post we put together over at Divi.Space.

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