Should You Let Clients Use Your Premium Plugin & Theme Licenses?

  1. Tim’s recommendation 01:23
    • Tim will typically leave the licenses on the site, as long as he is still in contact with the client and managing their site (maintenance package, etc).
    • If he is just handing over the site, he will usually take the licenses off the site and direct the client to purchase their own.
  2. Have clear communication with the client 01:58
    • You need to make sure that you factor these options into the proposal and that the client knows the costs associated.
    • The client needs to know that they need these licenses in order to update the theme and plugins.
  3. Check your licensing before using it on a client site 02:19
    • Most themes and plugins will let you use the product on a client site, but not all of them will. Make sure that you have an “unlimited license” if you are going to use a theme or plugin for your client.
    • Otherwise the client will need to purchase their own license.

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