Tips for Keeping Your Emails Out of the Spam Folder

  1. Spam Words to Avoid in Email Marketing 01:10
  2. Keep it short.01:14
  3. Don’t use a lot of salesy words.01:35
  4. Balance text and images, the safest text to image ratio is about 60/40 02:35
  5. Don’t add too many links to the email copy02:54
  6. Don’t use e-mail templates. 03:30


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  1. jerry john

    Hello, I hope you are good. Agree with this informative article. Continue like this. But I want to suggest to digital marketers, to keep on growing and to get better results, you need to test the current emails, their content, their thread, their design, the number of visits and their results. After testing and analyzing the current success of email marketing, you can design a better plan for the future.


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