Should You use JetPack on Your WordPress Website

  1. Jetpack includes more than 30 features. They cover topics from site customization, content tools, and user engagement, to site performance and security.
  2. Most people love JetPack or just hate it. 00:55
  3. Jetpack won’t automatically slow down your site. If a feature isn’t activated, then that code won’t be running in the background of your site.01:40
  4. Before deciding to use Jetpack, take a look at the available modules and think deeply about which ones you’ll actually use.02:30


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1 Comment

  1. Jamison

    A couple of things Jetpack has that’s important for a website, and use the reason I have it is:
    1. Gallery: If you don’t have a (separate) gallery plugin
    2. The CDN Jetpack offers
    3. Jetpack will tell you if your site is down

    Pretty important items from Jetpack.


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