A Look Back, and a Look Forward at WP the Podcast

  1. David and Tim’s favorite moments so far 03:05
    • Tim: The Cloudflare episode and marketing episodes like 5 Tips for Better WordPress SEO. Overall, just getting to talk about WordPress is great.
    • David: Seeing our progression as podcasters over 100 episodes has been really cool.
    • What sets this podcast apart is that WP the Podcast cover WordPress, but also business, marketing, and the technical side of web design business. Also, we are a daily podcast, compared to other WordPress podcasts that usually post episodes weekly.
  2. Plans for WP the Podcast in 2018 07:14
    • Continue the daily format and possibly even some giveaways and sponsors on the podcast.
    • Another exciting update is that we plan on having some guests next year on the podcast. It would be kind of a bummer to have someone come on the podcast for just one episode, so we were thinking that a guest could come on the podcast for a whole week of episodes, focused around a specific topic.
      • Our first podcast guest will be our friend Corey Hammond, VP of Marketing at A2 Hosting. We are so excited to have him on the podcast to share his amazing marketing knowledge.
  3. Look for an online course launch in 2018! 09:49
    • It will cover everything from how to build WordPress websites to how to run a web design business (contracts, sales pipelines, and more).
    • There are so many courses out there that will teach you how to build a website, but we want to go beyond that and teach you how to build a business around WordPress.
  4. WP the Podcast is going to get social 11:46
    • We will be doing more Facebook live videos, where we will share more WordPress tips.
    • Also, we will be launching our Facebook group and inviting listeners to join. This will be a place where everyone can help each other and share WordPress knowledge. Everyone has something to contribute, no matter what stage of WordPress development you are at.

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