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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, i’m Tim Strifler, my co-host David Blackmon’s not with us today. He is traveling, digital nomad life so he’ll be back with us in a few days. So today we’re gonna be talking about the best form plugins with conditional logic. Now a few episodes back 764 we talked about conditional logic The title of the episode for 764 is what is conditional logic conforms and why you want it. And we explained what conditional logic is, why it’s important in some different really cool ways that you can utilize it. But basically it’s if this then that. Right and so it’s the logic in forms that will do different things based off of what the customer inputs. So if they select one of the options in the drop down it might show some different form fields based off, of what they input. So you can have some really cool dynamic forms or you can have the emails from the forms be sent to different people based off of what department they select In the drop down, things like that. So we talked all about that in 764. So definitely go back and listen to that, but today we want to talk about the best form plugins that have conditional logic built in. So that you can start doing these things and so rather than naming every popular form plug-in i’m going to name only two. One premium plug-in that i use daily and then one free plug-in that is awesome, and has almost as many features as the premium plugins out there . So the the premium version is Gravity Forms. Now Gravity Forms is really the first premium for form plug-in on the market. They’ve been around for years and years now and i’ve been a member for years and years now too. And so uh forms is one of those things that you’re going to want on every website that you build. And so that was probably the first premium subscription that i really invested in was Gravity Forms because i knew i was going to need forms on every website that I built. So i haven’t i’m grandfathered into old pricing they’ve raised the prices quite a few times since then, but luckily i haven’t never canceled so i have the really great pricing. However even with today’s pricing it’s still very affordable. So yeah not only is Gravity Forms have the conditional logic built in but they also have more integrations and add-ons than any other foreign plugin out there. And so it doesn’t matter if you use Mailchimp or Activecampaign or Kit Response, whatever. You can create opt-in forms with these form plugins that will integrate with your your email marketing provider, so yeah the the highest license is 259 a year. So um still very affordable if you’re going to be using it to build client sites. So yeah Gravity Forms is awesome. Been using it for years and highly highly highly recommend it. But if you’re not at a place where you want to be investing money quite yet maybe you’re just getting started or maybe you have too many other premium subscriptions out there. Then i definitely recommend checking out Forminator. Now Forminator is a free plug-in but that does not mean that it is limited in features. It is very powerful and pretty much all the the features that you get in a premium plug-in like Gravity Forms you get Forminator for free. Now generally i don’t recommend using free plugins unless it’s for something small. Forms is something pretty major so why is this different. Well the reason i don’t recommend using free plugins most of the time is because you never know where that developer is going to go. Right, if they don’t have an incentive to continue updating the plugin and uh providing support and all of that then they could just decide you know, what i’m going to stop giving this away for free, or i’m going to you know abandon it all together. It happens all the time in WordPress. These developers they want to give back they create a plug-in they support it for a while gets a big user base and then they get busy, they get another job where they can no longer have the time to work on their free plug-in. So for that reason i don’t typically recommend using free plugins, again unless it’s for something small. The reason why this is different is because this is by WPMU DEV. Now WPMU DEV is one of the oldest and biggest premium WordPress plugin creators out there. And so they basically use this free form plugin to help build their brand get their name out there, introduce their other products to the users. So it’s a marketing tool for them, and they build out all these awesome features in the hopes that you’ll use it and check out their other products. So even though it’s completely free and they support it for free, they’re still incentivized in other ways to continue updating the plug-in And all of that. And so um they’ve had it out there for free for i want to say a good three to five years now. Um minimum three. So it’s not going anywhere, it’s not like they tested it to see if it would help promote their other products and then they’re gonna no longer make it free. It’s been free for for quite a few years now, and and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. So um yeah definitely check out Forminator,  it doesn’t have quite as many integrations as Gravity Forms and it doesn’t have quite as many features, but it has conditional logic which is the point of this episode. It has a lot of other really great powerful features that typically you have to pay for from other providers. So um that’s it for this episode. Tune in tomorrow, we’re gonna talking about where to get good stock images for web design. Web design images they go hand in hand so we’re going to be talking all about that tomorrow. All right, until tomorrow take care bye-bye.


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