How to Tell Which WordPress Theme a Website is Using

  1. Use What WordPress Theme Is That? 01:09
    • This is a theme detector that will tell you what theme the website is using.
    • Though sometimes savvy developers will hide this information.
    • It will also let you know if a website is using WordPress. You might think that a website is on WordPress. Then type in the URL and find out that it’s not!
    • David has a plugin called Divi Ghoster that will hide your Divi theme and do some other super cool stuff.
  2. Look at the source code 02:57
    • Right click on the webpage to see the source code.
    • Press Command and F (or Control and F) on your keyboard to search the source code.
    • Type in “themes/”. This will find the themes folder in the source code.
    • Again, the theme could be hidden or the developer might have renamed the theme.
    • However, most people either don’t know how to hide this or don’t care if the theme shows, so you should usually be able to find the theme.

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