What to Expect From WordPress in 2018

  1. WordPress 5.0 — Gutenberg 01:02
    • This is probably the biggest thing going on right now and one of the most highly-anticipated releases. It’s been in the works for a while now, longer than any other WordPress feature ever.
    • It could come as early as April, but more likely it will come out in June or July.
    • Since Gutenberg is such a large release, WordPress will likely only have 2 releases this year.
    • To learn more about Gutenberg, check out episode 93.
  2. Improved Security 02:32
    • Improved security is going to be one of the additional features of WordPress 5.0, as well as improved mobile.
  3. Prediction: 33% market share 2:57
    • The release of Gutenberg will likely increase market share for WordPress because it is a page builder and these are all the rage right now.
    • Currently, WordPress has about a 30% market share of all websites on the internet. David and Tim predict that this will increase to about 33%.
    • As long as page builders like Divi continue to be successful, the market share will continue to increase.
  4. Plugins increasing to 47k-50k 05:00
    • The number of plugins is going to grow as well.
    • As more people begin to create careers on the client side of the development industry, they will probably start to introduce plugins and other products.
    • One thing to keep is mind is that WordPress will scrub the plugin repository for old and outdated plugins. This causes the number of plugins to go down, but what you are left with is a better pool of plugins to choose from.

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