3 User Experience Web Design Trends of the Future

  1. Pop ups or overlays as a design tool 01:10
    • Pop ups have been around for a long time, but using these as a design tool is a fairly new concept.
    • What you are essentially doing is giving the visitor access to more content, without having to load another page.
    • Tim created a plugin called Divi Overlays to create this effect. When a user clicks a button for more information, a pop up or overlay will come up with the information. This is more convenient and faster than having to load a new page.
  2. Personalized content 03:06
    • Another user experience trend is to personalize your content based on the user’s actions.
    • For example, you can create a different experience for when users are logged in or logged out.
    • David recently did a whole video on this topic over at Divi.space.
    • This is also huge for e-commerce. You can base content off of products recently viewed and other actions.
  3. Fetching content via Ajax 04:29
    • This is similar to the first point in that you are giving the visitor more content without having to reload the page.
    • For example, when you write an email in Gmail, it doesn’t open a new page for your email. It loads the email in the corner of your screen through Ajax.

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