How to Prevent Scope Creep

  1. Have an “iron clad” contract (“out of scope work clause”) 01:55
    • an “out of scope” clause says that anything not in the contract will be deemed “out of scope” and will be billed hourly at a rate of X/hour.
  2. Have Clear Communication with Your Client 02:40
    • Make sure this happens all throughout the projects, not just at the beginning
  3. “No is a complete sentence” 03:20
    • We want to please our clients, and make them happy with their website. But this can sometimes get us into trouble by saying yes to something that wasn’t agreed on.
  4. Clear Expectations from both sides (both verbal and in contract) 04:38
    • this needs to apply to the content, the design, the implementation of the site, etc.
    • you want to avoid surprises on every front

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