Self Hosted Email VS Hosted Solutions

  1. What is self hosted vs hosted? 01:51
    • Self hosted email means that your email is stored on the same server that your website is on.
    • Hosted email means that you use a service like Gsuite or Office 365.
  2. Self hosted: It takes up server resources 02:50
    • Resources are valuable. You want to dedicate all of those resources to your web pages.
  3. Self hosted: If your website goes down, so does your email 03:18
    • Even if the website goes down for only a few minutes, it’s enough to lose potential business.
    • What if a potential client emails you at that exact moment and the email bounces? They might wonder if you are still in business. Then, they will see that your website is down. It definitely is not going to inspire confidence in your work.
  4. Self hosted: Managing client emails is a nightmare 04:45
    • You’ll have to manage things like email password resets! This is a waste of your time. Let the professionals over at Google handle it.
  5. Self hosted: Web servers are not optimized for email 06:06
    • It can affect your deliverability. If your web server is ever blacklisted, your email will be as well. Your emails will be lost in a sea of messages in the spam folder.
    • Google’s servers are some of the most trusted in the world. Your emails have a very low risk of getting blacklisted through Gsuite.
  6.  Hosted: Benefits of using a hosted provider 08:16
    • Gsuite gives you extra storage space in Google Drive. Gsuite costs $5 per month and you can make all kinds of emails, such as,, or
    • Gsuite tools are also perfect for collaboration.
  7. And the winner is… Hosted! 10:11
    • Basically, a hosted email solution is the way to go.

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