Why Personal Branding is Important

  1. Reason #1: You’ll Start to get Name Recognition in Your Industry; People Will Remember You  01:00
    • You can still have a business brand where your personal brand shines through. ie. Tim’s personal brand shines through his product business brand, Divi Life.
    • Buy Your name’s domain name, preferably .com if you can.
  2. Reason #2: You’ll start to rank in Google for your speciality 03:35
    • This will give you credibility to your prospective clients/customers
  3. Reason #3: You’ll gain a following that can follow you into any new venture/projects 04:22
    • You can email blast out to your followers about your new venture. You don’t have to start from scratch over again.
    • You built up trust with an audience when you build up your personal brand.
    • Your personal brand can bridge the gap for your audience between one endeavor and the next
    • It’s a lot easier to trust a person than a business

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