Why You Should Promote Blog Posts More Than Once

  1. Social media is noisy 01:11
    • When you post a blog post organically on Facebook (not through an ad), only a very small percentage of your followers will actually see it.
    • When you send your blog posts out through email, most of your subscribers will get the email. However, they receive so many emails that you may get lost in the inbox.
  2. Search engines use social media as a ranking factor 01:55
    • If you only post your blog post once on social media, then it’s not going to get that much attention.
    • If you post your blog post multiple times and promote it, then you’re going to get help from the search engines.
  3. Tim’s recommendation 02:18
    • When you post a new blog post, put some ad dollars behind it on Facebook. If you don’t want to promote every post, maybe you only promote your best blog posts.
    • Get people to see it and engage with it.
    • Make sure that your content is high quality.
    • This will get more people to like your page, comment on your post, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Bottom line is that you spend time on your posts, you should make sure that they get seen.

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