How to Easily Create a Logo When You’re Not a Logo Designer

  1. Use a template: Freepik 02:04
    • This site is 100% free. You can find many great logo templates.
    • You can use the search function to find all kinds of logo templates. If your name starts with a “w”, you can find logos that have a “w” in them. If you are building a website for a general contractor, search the site for “construction”.
  2. Use a template: The Noun Project 02:47
    • This website is strictly for icons.
    • A lot of companies these days use icons as their logo. It’s a quick and simple way to create your branding.
  3. Use a template: Shutterstock 03:12
    • These logo files are not free, but usually tend to be higher quality.
  4. Use a template: Canva 03:32
    • There are free and paid versions of this software. Some templates are only for the paid version, so look closely at each template to see which type it is.
  5. Use a template: Envato Elements 03:38
    • A website where you can subscribe to get access to themes and design elements.
  6. Outsource: Upwork 04:27
    • Here you can find designers from all over the world and set specifications for your project.
  7. Outsource: Fiverr 05:17
    • On this site, you can find designers who will create a logo for very cheap.
    • The logos will be template based (probably using the websites mentioned above), but if you don’t want to mess with logo creation at all, this can be a great option.
  8. Outsource: 99 Designs 05:36
    • On this site, you basically hold your own design contest and pay the winner for the design.

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