How to Stand Out From the Majority of Web Designers

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast i’m Tim Strifler and today we are discussing how to stand out from the majority of web designers. Now obviously web design is one of those industries that unfortunately there’s a pretty low barrier to entry, meaning that really anyone can call themselves a web designer once they’re able to get a website online. And so basically you need to find ways to stand out because you’re not just competing against people in your local area, you might live in a small town but people in that small town can hire someone out of state in a different country, so across the world. So you need to find ways to stand out from the majority of web designers. Now one major way that’s so easy anyone can do it is to put your stinking picture of yourself on your website right show people who you are it’s crazy i as a because i have Divi Life my product business the majority of my customers are web designers and so many of them uh when they’re reaching out to support and whatnot i see i basically i see a lot of websites for web designers and so many of them have kind of generic uh text on their about page, that like you read it and you’re like this doesn’t really mean anything at all. It’s like not really talking about their story or their company or anything, it’s like very generic very surface level. Talking to third person and uh and then it’s like almost like pretending they’re a big company when it’s really just a solopreneur.  Um so anyways i think a easy simple way to stand out is to put your picture on your website have an about page that actually talks about you. Not just professionally but also personally people connect with that people want to hire people that they know like and trust. I’ve been saying that for years and a great way for them to get to know you a little bit is by showing who you are both in a picture form and in text form tell your story um and honestly if you want to take it a step further put a video have a welcome video on your website talking about yourself uh and people will connect to that, now you might be saying okay. Well, you know i’m all referrals and you know people that are being referred to me they don’t care about that well here’s the thing even if they are being referred to you, even if uh their best friend raves about you when they go to your website start checking out your work it’s only going to help seal the deal even more if you have a picture. So that they can actually see you and and feel connected to you um so it’s even if you are 100 referrals it’s just going to help that much more. So it’s a simple tip, but i’m telling you it will help you stand out against the competition because and from my experience like 80 90 of web designers do not have their picture on their website showing who they are. And it’s an easy thing to do. So that is it for this episode tune in to tomorrow’s episode of WP The Podcast, we’re gonna talk about five ways to sell things online with WordPress. Everyone knows Woocommerce it’s king and um it’s great it has a lot of things that are great about it but it is not the end-all be-all when it comes to e-commerce on WordPress. So tune in tomorrow for that until tomorrow take care bye-bye.

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