Why You Need to Share the Victories with Your Team Members or Contractors

  1. Your team doesn’t always get to see the victories 00:33
    • It’s important for morale for your team and contractors to see the victories and hear about satisfied clients.
    • Usually, they will hear about when the clients are unhappy and need something, but not when they are happy and satisfied.
    • Show your team and contractors the positive effects that they have on the business.
  2. It builds trust between you and your remote team 03:05
    • This is important for any business, but especially helps to create connection with remote employees.
    • You have to put in extra effort to make sure that you share the victories with your team when you don’t have a physical office.
  3. Employee satisfaction is about so much more than just money 04:36
    • There are many other factors involved, such as doing meaningful work and feeling valued as a team member.

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