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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, i’m David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about how to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Man we live in amazing times technologically because we can work from anywhere in the world. I mean if your job is dependent upon and internet connection, well guess what? And you can work from anywhere in the world! And we’re going to give you some tips and ideas and best ways to go about doing that before i dive off into this tim is there anything you want to add or say on this topic.

01:13 Tim Strifler: No i don’t think so, this is definitely your thing, your area of expertise. We talked a little bit about this a few episodes back, we were talking about Starlink. Um but this is just a growing trend right now being able to work from anywhere in the world and travel and be a nomad and digital nomad and stuff like that. So um yeah this is definitely an important episode.

01:38 David Blackmon: Yeah i think for me and and i’ll give you a little bit of history,  and i’ll take a step back to circa 2014’ish. At the time i was married and um my now ex-brother-in-law you know was retiring from his job, and i asked him a simple question. I said “what you going to do when you retire?”, and he said “well sandy and i are going to buy an rv and we’re going to travel the country, and i’m a nomad at heart i’d love exploring new places i’m from South Louisiana so i would spend a lot of time even on the weekends and stuff going to smaller towns just checking things out and traveling”. And when he said that i was like well i can work from anywhere, all i need is an internet connection. And my ex-wife my wife at the time she worked from home one day a week so if she worked from home one day a week in my mind she could work from home five days a week. And uh you know, so i just thought man i should do this so i started investigating it and uh believe it or not there is you know, especially in 2022 it was even less in 2014-15. But you know even then there were resources that would help you to you know be able to work from anywhere in the world. Now we’re not as free as we are today back then back then you were still somewhat limited. You needed to stay near civilization where there, were um cell towers, where you could get data connect to a hot spot like AT or Verizon and backed in you know those two were the top in the United States, where if you went pretty much anywhere in the US, you were going to get some coverage from AT and Verizon, with the exception of you know the middle of the desert in Nevada. You know national parks where they don’t allow cell towers and stuff like that. You could pretty much work from anywhere. You could go to a coffee shop you could do all of these things and those are definite options you know. A lot of my knowledge came from Chris and Cherie which are Technomatia. You can google Technoma Techno Maria that was their internet name there um they’ve been they’re some of the og digital nomads back in the day. Rving and stuff. And they’ve been traveling full-time, living working remotely from the road probably for about i’m gonna say at least 15 years or so and they are the experts they have rv mobile internet, and it’s beyond rv if you work remotely. You go follow these guys, you’re gonna they are constantly like testing equipment and telling you what the best thing to do is at that time to get and that’s what I did. I just subscribed to a few services followed some people who were knowledgeable about who are already doing it, and then i just replicated it. I started doing it and stuff, but it still wasn’t like perfect because i couldn’t like go everywhere and work from anywhere, because i was still kind of tied to civilization somewhat, and i really desired to be out in nature. There’s nothing better in my mind than waking up in a remote place with an epic backdrop of mountains and lakes and or the ocean and just epic beauty and pulling your laptop out working. But you need internet to do that. Well now thanks to mr Elon Musk and Starlink you can do that. U they have two options which is a home version uh which allows you to sign up for your internet at home just like Cox or Comcast or any of the other you know spectrum high-speed internet services that you can get at home. It’s just satellite but they also added portability to the Starlink service and specifically opened up you know our you know Starlink for RVers, which means i travel around, i don’t have to have a home base wherever i turn my satellite on when I park, the next time it automatically connects to you know the satellites in in the sky. And i have connectivity. So now i can go anywhere in the world, i don’t care if i’m in the middle of the ocean, if i get a boat and i’m out there cruising. And i need to get some work done. Guess what turn on the old satellite, get some work done you know. That’s that’s pretty incredible to me, and i think it’s just going to continue to move in that direction more and more. I think location independence is is a real thing I think. Human beings as a species we weren’t like meant to be like settled down in one spot, i think that’s why so much, so many people have wanderlust you know. If you think back to you know before we evolved to where we are today, we were a very nomadic species. We went where you know food was and and we moved with the weather and stuff. And um they didn’t like stay in like the same place all the time and stuff. So um who knows maybe we’re going back to our og roots. Yeah and who knows who may be able to work on mars if Elon Musk has anything to do about it, do with it you know he’ll have us out there settling you know mars and and and working from there. So yeah i mean it’s a wonderful day and age it really is. I mean there’s some amazing resources out there. Um we’ll put some in the show notes and stuff. I’ll make sure that i give it to Machik and make sure that you know tech Pneumonia and RV mobile internet. Just because it has RV in the name don’t think that it’s you know these are are experts on connectivity outside of your normal connectivity so if you want to use Falashri and and Chris they’re amazing. Tim i feel like i’ve been talking forever dude.  have been..

08:10 Tim Strifler: Have been.. kidding i mean that’s i don’t really have anything to add, but it’s just amazing that this day and age what we can do you know. If you think of the fact that like what the internet really is a series of intercontinental underwater cables that connect the internet the servers all around the world. It’s it’s incredible that we can be in the middle of a forest middle of the ocean and connect to the internet via these right modern satellite solutions. And so um it’s come a long way since you know the dial-up days let’s just put it that way.

08:49 David Blackmon: And i think it’s going to continue to. I mean it’s just going to continue to evolve, and to you know i think that the next version here’s a here’s a glimpse into the future is that nobody will work in an office. You probably won’t even grocery shop in person at a grocery store. You’ll have this vr headset on and it’ll be like Tim sitting right next to me in an office environment but it’ll be totally virtual you know. Um i’m an extrovert and i like people so i don’t know how i feel about that but i think it’s still people it’s just this you know it’s yeah it’s in the Metaverse, that’s right.So all right well tomorrow we’ve got another great topic best ways to get website traffic in 2022. Until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

09:44 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.

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