How to Utilize a Stand Up Desk to Create Good Habits

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast brought to you by WP Gears, I’m Tim Strifler, my co-host David Blackmon is still traveling, uh he’s a digital Nomad and he’s been traveling with this Airstream and is on his way to Maineh for the Airstream conference or something. Anyways he can tell you more about it when he’s back so we weren’t able to get our schedules lined up to record on one of his off days from driving and so um unfortunately gonna have to listen to me uh for a little bit longer until he’s back with us. So um today we’re taking a little bit of a break from our typical type of episode. Normally we talk about WordPress we talk about uh email marketing internet marketing as a whole and different things, like that today we’re actually talking about um a stand-up desk. How to utilize a stand-up desk to create good habits. Now stand-up desks really got popular. I don’t know maybe like five seven years ago and they’re still popular today, and I actually have David and I both have a stand-up desk from a company called Upliftesk, highly recommend it. They’re motorized I think that’s a manual ones too, but you can set your presets and you press a button and it’s going to automatically raise and lower to your predetermined height. So it makes it really easy it removes those barriers when you’re like I need to stand you don’t have to manually crank anything or move anything or do anything, you just press a button it’s so it’s it’s really simple it does all the heavy lifting for you no pun intended so that is what we use. Now here’s the thing though is in most cases you don’t want to stand up all day, right? You want to be able to go from sitting to standing and actually studies show that standing all day non-stop is actually not good for you either. Sitting is by far the worst but if you’re purely standing that’s also not good. The goal is that you want to be moving around and changing positions and and alternating from standing and sitting, and then getting up and moving and stretching and that sort of thing. And so my problem is it’s hard for me to want to get the motivation to stand, and so I end up sitting for like 90 of of the time. And so what I’ve learned recently is I need to tie certain tasks to stand mode. Right, so that whenever ever I’m doing these specific tasks I’m automatically just gonna stand. Right, no matter what so then there’s no me trying to remember to stand or like trying to get the motivation to stand or anything like that it’s all tied to whatever task it is. So for example calls, right you have a scheduled call whether it’s a potential client or a partner or whoever, um that’s a perfect example talking like at least for me. I’m like very energized when I’m talking and having a call and stuff so naturally I want to stand. Anyways that’s a great opportunity recording podcast episodes. I like to stand it’s great um you know maybe you are doing uh something I don’t know uh that doesn’t need your full concentration, maybe you’re doing just some like bookkeeping and QuickBooks or something and it’s kind of repetitive and you don’t want to you know fall asleep. So you can tie that to to uh stand mode and so if you link certain activities or tasks to stand mode, well then you’ll always know when you’re gonna stand and you have it kind of built in, because it’s built around different things that you’re going to be doing throughout your your week and your day. So that is my tip for utilizing a stand-up desk if you don’t have one definitely recommend it, you can get started with one that’s just manual and then you can get one that’s motorized later because they definitely are pricier, but yeah. That is it for this episode and tune in tomorrow for another awesome episode here on WP The Podcast if you haven’t rated or reviewed us yet we would greatly appreciate it. Whether you’re listening to us on Apple or Spotify ratings is is how more people will hear about us, and so you know we don’t have ads or sponsorships on this podcast because we want it to be just pure value. So uh yeah if you wouldn’t mind going out and leaving us to review giving us some feedback we would highly highly appreciate it. Alrighty we will see you on tomorrow’s episode, until then take care bye.

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