How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Business?

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, I’m David Blackmon

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today in episode 729, Tim and i are going to talk about the social platform Tik Tok, and how you can use it to help grow your business. When i first told Tim about this topic he looked at me and said “say what say what?”

00:53 Tim Strifler: Yeah full disclosure, i have never used Tik-Tok so i’ve never downloaded the app signed in or anything. I i’ve seen the type of videos and content because it gets posted elsewhere, it gets shared to Instagram and Facebook and stuff like that, so i understand the concept and why people enjoy it. I just personally haven’t used it so i’m excited to hear David’s take on this, because his as things go with David where he has a million ideas, he sees Tik Tok and he has a million different ways that you can use it to market your business. So i’m going to be learning just like you guys are learning, so yeah this is awesome.

01:31 David Blackmon: Yeah. So i much like Tim had just seen, Tik Tok on other social platforms occasionally. A friend or a family member would share video with me and typically they were very funny and humorous, and uh it seemed like it was the young person’s platform, you know. That was where all the kids were and stuff and i guess it makes sense because Tik Tok a little bit of history started out as musically uh musicality musically, not sure how to say it. But you know that was the original platform. That it was and it was a a platform where people would use it for singing and stuff. And um and then they would share their videos and stuff like that and then they got acquired, they did the name change you know. Musically turned to Tik Tok and i’m gonna say that of all the social platforms it’s by far my favorite and i think it’s the best done social platform because of the fact that you can get very very granular with whatever it is that you want to learn or watch. It’s very similar to Youtube in that it has a just a depth of just about anything you are passionate about, or want to learn about. You can learn about it on Tik Tok, and so you can search for underwater basket weaving, you know. And i’m pretty sure there’s somebody blowing bubbles weaving baskets underneath the water, but that’s not really what blew my mind, that was one of the really really good things but the big pain point with most social platforms is user acquisition. It’s really really hard to get your users information, because of privacy acts or you know um Facebook Instagram, all these places won’t allow you to uh you know ask for somebody’s email and stuff. Right there on their platform without them kind of coming down on you and stuff which makes sense you know. They they’re in business they want to control their platform. They want you to go through their platform to get to their users even though their users are your fans, if that makes sense you know. And it’s kind of just kind of been a thing that’s been sucky because Tim and i have been a part of communities on Facebook for example. That are huge hundreds of thousands and reaching them, you know has been a really big pain point. Facebook groups helped with that greatly um but you know if you had a business page on facebook for example, it sucked your people never saw it. They want you running ads and stuff, and Tik Tok i don’t know if it’s because it’s a it’s a foreign-owned entity and they don’t care what the U.S. laws, are and they’re going to allow you to acquire users and engage with your audience on a different level. Put the music that you love in the background as opposed to getting copyright stricken and deleted. And i mean i’m sure they may that may change in the future, but i mean you put your favorite songs on your creations, on your content creation and stuff which is awesome. And I mean, i guess i think about the artists and stuff. Um i think it just blows them up you know even more. You know, it doesn’t like hurt them in any way because it just gets their music out to a much larger audience. Because i have an entire list on Spotify now called Tik Tok of artists. And music that i’ve discovered on Tik Tok. So um and i think just the ability to set up you know user acquisition right there on your profile, you know connect your your email and stuff can be huge for a business and stuff. So uh yeah the thing is, is it’s you gotta learn how to create content with this, you know and it’s not as daunting and scary, but um yeah. For our audio only listeners David’s holding up his smartphone, yeah i’m holding up my smartphone, if you’re if you’re an audio only listener come over and check out Youtube, because Tim and i record us recording these episodes now,  we share them our Youtube channel and stuff. So um but yeah so it’s just the engagement with the users and it just takes it a step beyond like an instagram. And i think the platform from a searchability standpoint and and the granular depth at which you can go down the rabbit hole on a specific topic is just much greater on Tik Tok. How do they make money do they have an ads platform like the other social networks absolutely yeah. There’s ads you know running like you’ll watch videos you know uh on your for you page or the people you’re following you have two different pages and you you choose which content you want to watch. So if you only want to watch the people that you follow that’s the only content that’s going to show up in your feed. Well that’s huge from a business standpoint, but if you want to discover new content they have the for you page, and you know Tik Tok’s algorithms are pretty good, you know. They’re gonna share content with you that you’ve searched and similar type kind of content that you’re interested in and stuff. Um and they may expand upon that based on “hey you you like you know oranges but here’s some apples maybe you’ll like this fruit as well”, you know. And then if you’re not engaging in that content they’re not showing it to you and stuff. So you have the control you have the power and that’s kind of what i really like a lot about the platform and stuff so i just see it and i i’m loving it it’s fun you know so um yeah so.

07:29 Tim Strifler: Yeah i’m curious how the ads platform works compared to Facebook and stuff like, because i run Facebook ads and Google ads, so i’d be i’d be excited to see what that’s like you know are my customers on Tik Tok, you know. Right yeah a good percentage are so..

07:37 David Blackmon: Absolutely yeah, so um yeah i have no idea how that works i can’t speak to that so um tim that’ll be another episode yeah so that’s it.

07:54 Tim Strifler: I’ll go join i’ll go start running some ads and then we’ll do another episode.

07:57 David Blackmon: There you go. All right. Well, tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, the best live streaming software to use. Until tomorrow, we’ll see you then.

08:10 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.

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