Why You Need to Hire a CPA for Your Web Design Business

  1. A CPA can tell you what you can and can’t write off 01:31
    • There is so much to know about setting up finances for your business. It’s best to keep this to the professionals.
  2. You’ll learn how to set up the structure of your business 02:14
    • A CPA will help you establish your business, such as setting up an S corp.
    • They will also help you with your taxes and save you so much money.
  3. A CPA will help you prepare for your taxes 04:31
    • David – “I love paying taxes because if I’m paying a lot of taxes, I must be making a lot of money.”
    • Paying taxes won’t be as much of a pain because you’ll know exactly how much to put aside.
  4. Tax laws are changing and a CPA will help you stay current 05:11
    • They can help you decide on outsourcing, filing status, and more.
    • You spend your time being an expert in the web design space. Let the CPA be the expert on your finances.

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