How Many Monitors Do I Need for Web Design?

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  1. Cameron Jones

    I quite like two but I’m wanting to explore using three, one for code, one for design and one for browser

  2. Mikeeee

    After having 3 screens for a couple of years now, I really struggle with anything less but I guess 2 is a practical minimum for any kind of developer.

  3. mkay

    Three is perfect for me – I run 3 x 31″ QHD monitors and I couldn’t do anything less than that now.

    • Tim Strifler

      Awesome 🙂 It’s cool to hear what people are using, so thanks for sharing!

  4. Sean

    I only have one display although it’s a 49″ UHD 4K display so I have a LOT more space than when I had 2×24″ displays.

    • Tim Strifler

      That’s huge! And I thought my 27″ iMac was big haha 🙂

  5. Joshua Wayne

    You only need one. However, three is ideal, one for design, one for code, and one for browser. Working this way has noticeably increased my efficiency.

  6. Randy

    I miss the printed version of these.


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