What Languages Do I Need to Learn for WordPress?

  1. WordPress Core 01:07
    • Before you learn any other languages, gain an understanding of how WordPress Core works.
    •  If you learn WordPress Core and stay within the formatting, you’ll have fewer issues down the road when WordPress does updates.
  2. HTML 02:38
    • WordPress generates a lot of the HTML for you as you are building the pages, but having basic knowledge will help you troubleshoot problems in the code.
  3. CSS 03:21
    • Basically, the CSS is the visual layer of the site. Without CSS, the HTML would look like a word document.
    • It defines the colors, fonts, and placement of elements on the page.
    • #1 skill you’ve got to be good at when designing websites.
  4. PHP 04:20
    • Server-side web language.
    • Not necessary to be an expert at PHP. You just need to have a basic understanding of how to modify PHP files.
  5. Javascript 06:01
    • Not crucial to know, but is an added bonus.
    • A lot of plugins will use Javascript.
    • Knowing Javascript will let you take the design of your website to the next level.
  6. Resources

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