The 3 Social Platforms You Should be Marketing On

  1. Facebook 01:32
    • Regardless of what type of business you have, you should be using Facebook.
    • Facebook has more users than any other platform in the world. So no matter what type of business you have, chances are that your audience is going to be on Facebook.
    • It’s a great platform for advertising. This social platform has very powerful retargeting, so be sure to set up your Facebook pixel.
    • Facebook pages are not quite as effective for reaching your audience, but you should have one.
    • Facebook groups are a great way to network with other people in your industry and find potential customers.
  2. Instagram 02:58 
    • There is a lot that businesses can do to connect with users on Instagram.
    • For example, you could do a “Behind the Scenes Tuesday” where you show what you are working on.
    • Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is connected to Facebook’s ad platform.
  3. YouTube 05:41
    • You may not know this, but YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world.
    • So this means that you need to be creating some sort of videos for this social platform.
    • People are going on YouTube to learn how to do things and you should be posting videos that help them learn how to do those things. This can be a great traffic referrer for your business.

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