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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, i’m Tim Strifler my co-host David Blackmon is still traveling so he’ll be with us uh hopefully um not tomorrow’s episode but the episode after that. Um so unfortunately it’s just me again today, hope that’s okay. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to build landing pages with WordPress. Now first of all this is episode 777 so that’s pretty cool good luck to you if seven is your lucky number. It’s also incredible that we have 777 episodes of this podcast, so thank you to all of our listeners that have helped make this possible. So back to landing pages. Now landing pages are a little bit different than a typical website. Usually a landing page is is something with a marketing focus, where you’re driving traffic to it. You don’t want to send them to a normal website where there’s all the distractions and you’re you have your normal header with different links in your footer with different links you want to send them to a page with no header no footer with just one focus trying to get them to buy a product you know. It has a sales letter has a video has all the features whatever that’s like typically what a landing page is. Usually when you’re you’re doing any type of paid paid advertising efforts, now a lot of times these days people hear of tools like click funnels or lead pages is another one, and those are landing page building software. They’re hosted platforms and you pay a monthly fee and you can build landing page on their platform and you can hook up your domain. They’re not made for full websites like WordPress is, they’re made just for building landing pages and they have some other features built in. And it’s drag and drop and yeah but here’s the thing if you have a WordPress website, you don’t need special landing page building software most of the time you can build really great landing pages on your existing WordPress website. Especially if you’re using a page builder uh platforms like click funnels and leadpages they have drag and drop builders that compare to the builders in WordPress, are pretty crappy they’ve come a long way but compared to Divi and Beaver Builder and Elementor and Oxygen, the drag and drop builders and click funnels are crap Sorry to say that Russell Brunson but you have a much better more powerful more design options with WordPress page builders. Plus, with WordPress page builders, you have access to some incredible Divi products, 3rd party Elementor widgets, etc. Even Gutenberg. And so you can build really cool landing pages with the drag and drop builders that you’re already have available to you. Right so even if you’re using a theme that doesn’t have a page builder you can use Gutenberg or you can install the free version of Elementor to build a really cool landing page plus all of those page builders Divi Elementor Beaver Oxygen they all have great layouts that are already designed for creating landing pages, or you can buy some premium ones. For example at divi we have some conversion ready conversion optimized landing page templates that you can buy on our website. David might as well on on divispace, i’m not sure um so yeah you can build some really awesome landing pages. Now i will say there are if you’re selling something and for example click funnels has some really great features for doing things like a one-time offer or like an order upgrade, and there’s some additional programming that happens to make that possible that they have built into their platform. So for example you buy a product or you send your customer to a landing page selling them a product they said yes i want it they click buy it goes to checkout they put in their info, well click funnels has the ability to do what’s called a order bump where it says hey click this box if you want to double the amount of toilet paper that we’ll send to you. Excuse my terrible example uh or click this if you want to add in the awesome training that goes with this product uh normally it’s 9.97 but today you can get it for only 97 right so, that’s an order pump. It’s right on checkout it’s like it’s that like upsell that’s like right there right as you’re putting in your info. Right, you can’t do that with Woocommerce by default but i’m going to tell you how in a second or another thing that clickfunnels has with their landing page building software are uh one click upsells that have happen after the initial purchase. So the order bump is on the checkout right and it’s right there you check a box to add it to your order, and then what a one click upsell is or one time offer is. After you complete that initial purchase it goes to a thank you page says hey thank you so much for purchasing your order is being prepared blah blah i wanted to give you the opportunity to buy this additional thing that normally we charge this much but since you just bought this we’re going to give you the ability to buy for only this much, and it’s really really great and here’s some benefits and all you have to do is click that button and we’ll add it to your order automatically. You don’t have to input your credit card again, right that’s a one-click upsell because it like somehow caches the credit card info keeps it tokenized or something. So then when you click that button it automatically charges them again without them having to put in their credit card number again or whatever. And so again that takes some additional programming that Woocommerce by default cannot do if you have a Woocommerce site. However if you use something like cart flows it actually has those features built in to do order bumps and one click upsells and stuff like that. So Cart Flows is awesome we’ve talked about it before on here so you can build your landing pages with WordPress using page builders and then you can get those awesome ecommerce features to do order bumps and one-click upsells and and downsells and all those different things with Cart Flows. So that is how you build landing pages with WordPress. You don’t need to spend 300 a month for Click Funnels if you already have a WordPress website, instead you can use the page builder you’re already using or one of the free ones if you’re not using one. And then Cart Flows has a free version as well, as the premium version which is a couple hundred bucks a year. So you’ll save so much money you don’t need something like click funnels or leadpages or whatever if you’re already using WordPress. So that is it for this episode, tomorrow we’re going to be talking about sms. Isn’t is sms an effective marketing tool? You probably have heard about it, you probably received marketing text messages before to your phone, and so we’re going to be talking about it so tune in for that tomorrow. Until then take care bye.


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