How Social Media Benefits Your Website

  1. “If your blog is your microphone for your business, then social media is the speaker.” 01:00
    • David and Tim are both experts in Divi which allows them to speed up their workflow.
  2. Social Media should drive traffic back to your website, not be the destination 01:58
    • Facebook can ban you, change their algorithm, or do anything else they want. You don’t control that traffic or platform. They own any content you publish on there.
  3. Social Media can also help build trust, authenticity & community around your brand. 02:47
    • This happens by being able to directly and publicly engage with your audience
    • A lot of times people will publicly complain about a company’s product or service on social media. This is a great opportunity to show other potential customers how you handle customer service requests.
    • Additionally, replying to comments and engaging with followers helps build community.
    • Lastly, engaging on social media helps your posts get seen.
  4. Social Media can help you in search rankings 05:45
    • Google and other search engines have adapted their algorithms to take social media engagement into account. If an article has a lot of shares, comments, likes, etc. then it must be well liked by people, and therefore search engines will rank it higher. It’s a “signal” that tells the search engines that you’re credible and authoritative.

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