Our Favorite Accounting/Bookkeeping Tools

  1. It’s important to invest in your business by having a good accounting/bookkeeping plan in place. These tools are just one part of the plan. We highly recommend hiring a professional CPA to help you in this. 00:55
  2. Tool #1: Quickbooks 01:20
    • Extremely powerful, and the most popular accounting/bookkeeping tool for small businesses.
  3. Tool #2: 17Hats 02:42
    • It’s not a full accounting program like quickbooks. More just for accounts receivable for sending invoices and tracking who owes you money.
  4. Tool #3: Google Docs 03:40
    • Using the spreadsheets in the cloud is a great way to record expenses and income if you don’t want to use a accounting tool.
  5. Tool #4: Freshbooks 04:25
    • Very focused on freelancers, which makes it perfect for WordPress freelancers. Has time tracking, invoice sending, etc. It also does Expense Tracking.
  6. Additional Tools we recommend: Xero, Wave, Transferwise 06:55

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