Why Customer Avatars are So Important in Business

  1. Helps you narrow in on your ideal customer 00:55
  2. Idictates the direction of your products/services  01:54
  3. Helps you narrow in on your ideal customer 02:55

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:29 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:31  David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about why customer avatars are so important to your business. First of all Tim is our resident definer.  When the hell’s an avatar Tim?

00:36 Tim Strifler: Yeah absolutely, so a customer avatar is basically a uh picture of who your ideal customer is and so you basically you go through the steps of like creating a picture an avatar for your customer okay this is uh Jenny she is a 35 year old small business owner she has a restaurant and she isn’t tech savvy she needs a you know you basically defined all the different characteristics of your ideal customer . And what they look like and the more specific the better and the reason you do that is what we’re going to answer here we have a few a few uh a few points here but that’s what a customer avatar is it’s it’s a fictitious picture of a of a customer with specific characteristics.

01:39 David Blackmon: Yeah that wants to purchase your products and or services so that way whenever you are putting out things you know into the world basically you’re hoping to attract those types of customers because you know they will need your products and or services so one of the ways that that you know why it’s so important is because once you do have that avatar in place and you know who your ideal customer is that can dictate the direction of your products and or services, because you’re going to design everything that meets that person’s needs. So for example Tim used a 35 year old female that owns a small business and is a restaurant,  and you can you know specifically create your content and your benefits and and of why they would want to choose you to build their restaurant website because you have reservations integrated you made it seamless it’s one click this and you just gear and design everything to help a small restaurant business um you know be online basically and stuff so man my brain went dead there for a second but in essence you get the idea. 

02:47 Tim Strifler: Yeah yeah and and the second point is it helps your sales copy be targeted to your ideal customer so if you’re writing sales copy that’s generic it’s not going to be as effective but if you have a picture of your customer in mind an avatar and you can talk to that person it’s going to help your sales copy be so much more powerful and conversion focused because you’re talking to someone that wants your product because they fit that criteria of your who your ideal audience is and so it makes it basically it humanizes your your ideal customer and then as David mentioned with product creation it’s the same thing you can use that to help you dictate your your sales copy. 

03:24 David Blackmon:  Absolutely well those are some of the reasons why customer avatars are so important in business and the main reason is we’re in the business to make money so if you know who your ideal customer is via this avatar you’re going to make more money because you can fashion everything that you do in your business streamline it to attract that person so at the end of the day that’s what it’s about tomorrow we’ve got another great topic how to get wordpress a wordpress website online fast tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then

04:52  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye


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