Why You Should Befriend Your Competitors

  1. Reason #1: You get exposure to their audience 04:47
    • So if you collaborate with your competitors, you gain access to their audience.
    • By being in the same niche, you might be able to bundle your complementary products.
  2. Reason #2: You can join or create mastermind groups 05:51
    • This lets you pick the minds of other people in your niche.
    • You can learn from each other, share resources, and collaborate.
    • Keep in mind that everyone has different levels of skillsets. Your competitor might be really good at something you aren’t good at, and vice versa. This is an opportunity to learn from each other.
  3. Reason #3: You push each other 07:58
    • When you see your competitors getting big projects and closing deals, it will motivate you to do the same.

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