How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

  1. 1,000 words minimum 00:54
  2. as long as you can make it, but don’t ramble 02:54
  3. be well researched and have in-depth valuable content 04:54

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:29 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:30 David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about how long a blog post should be. And i think we’re going to expound this, and why should you even be blogging in 2022. You know maybe we’ll we’ll even talk about that a little bit um, so Tim how long should a blog post be?

00:58 Tim Strifler: Yeah so uh and i guess to answer your question, should you be blogging in 2022?Absolutely 100 yeah! So the way you should look at it is uh google loves it when websites answer users questions, solve users problems, and so the blog is the natural way to do that. So your target audience is looking for answers. Okay well here’s your opportunity to answer some of those questions that they’re having, and it doesn’t have to be something that directly promotes your product right? Just helping and being helpful to people that could potentially buy your product, is gonna give you so much uh goodwill um and then also traffic through the search engines too. So that’s the short answer. There we could talk about that question for uh you know a whole 20 minutes at least, but um how long should your blog post be the rule of thumb is like a minimum of a thousand but i would say shoot for more like 1500 to 2000 words per post. Um because google loves it when blogs are thorough and they’re well researched and they’re in depth Right um obviously if it’s a short little thing that answers one little question and you really can’t make it that long like you don’t want to just ramble on you want to be concise, but the more in depth the better um for some of those topics that allow that.

01:28 David Blackmon: Yeah and one thing that i want to add in here that that you know Tim? Everything Tim said is 100 correct yes you need to be blogging in 2022 and here’s a simple rule of thumb why you know there are so many different platforms where people can find you. They can find your content and you should be repurposing all of this content to all of the platforms if you can, but it’s a ton of work honestly it is a ton of work you’ve got social media you’ve got youtube which is the second largest search engine in the world and you’ve got google being which are you know, google’s the number one search engine in the world. And they do prefer written content. You can kind of look at your website as you know written content that’s where the you know all of the information is going to be in more or less the written format. So that’s why blogging is so important in this day, and age still because if you’re producing video content and stuff, you’re probably putting it on another platform and youtube for example is geared towards that type of content stuff. So um if you think of it like that then you’re gonna you’ll understand why the written stuff is is really important. And you can’t fool search engines anymore. The days of um keyword stuffing and you know doing things to get around and try to get ranked and all these tricks and stuff just it ain’t happening anymore. Those those algorithms and those search engines are so smart now. AI is so smart that AI is now writing blog posts for you, so there are companies out there that are producing all of the content on their website by uh artificial intelligence and it’s not even human beings that are writing it. And you can’t even tell the difference so they’re so good and smart in this day and age that you really can’t .So my answer to how long your blog post should be is how long can you make it, because what we would do and i’ll just tell you you know from our from our own company’s experience if we wanted to tackle a topic we would go out and we would see, you know okay well what’s ranking out, there what’s page one in google how many words have they written oh they wrote 5 000 words on this topic we’re going to do six you know. And that was how we would do it and it worked really well for us. Don’t necessarily know if that’s still a good way to kind of follow things now you can’t just throw a bunch of words you know on the page. It needs to have it needs to be valuable relevant content for the searcher, so think about it like great stuff. Yeah so we miss anything Tim?

05:16 Tim Strifler: No i i think that covers it, um you know don’t as David said don’t just write words to write words. Like you want to be well researched you want to have it be in depth and really teach and and and answer you know whatever question it is or whatever problem it’s solving um you know and and yeah if you if you do that then then you’ll be in good shape.

05:34 David Blackmon: Absolutely. All right tomorrow we’ve got another great topic how to ensure deliverability to contact for contact form emails, and believe it or not it’s not as simple as just having a contact form on your website because WordPress is deliverability, is you know so it’s going to include some tools that we’re going to share with you. So tune in uh till tomorrow we’ll see you then.

06:08  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye


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