The Best Free SEO Tools for Beginners


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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, my name is David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today in episode 807 we’re going to talk about the best free SEO tools for beginners. Now a lot of these have more what i would call a freemium model they do have free aspects to them that are going to allow you to do the basics um you know to get information on your site. So that you can optimize it you know better for search engines algorithms and stuff, but they can take you even further should you choose to use them on the premium side so there’s a few that are totally free such as google search console but some of the other ones there may be you know a cost associated with them. But the free versions actually do quite a bit and might you know give you everything you need to begin with. So Tim you want to start off with Uber Suggests? 

01:29 Tim Strifler: Yeah so the first one is Uber Suggest. Now as David mentioned they have a freemium model so they give you a decent amount of uh tools and um data and stuff in the free version, and then you can upgrade to the premium version if you need it. Now Uber Suggests is owned by Neil Patel and um however he acquired it so it didn’t originally found it it was a popular free plugin and then he um bought it and yeah yeah updated it added a bunch of features added a premium version and stuff like that. So um it is really good for for keyword research and stuff like uh for in features like that it doesn’t have everything like ahrefs does which is a purely premium SEO tool, but it does have a lot of information a lot of features in the free version. So it’s definitely a great starter tool if you are just getting into using SEO tools for your business. Um and then you can decide if you want to upgrade to the premium version or upgrade to ahrefs for example which is what David and i use and love, but yeah Uber Suggest is great.

02:44 David Blackmon: Awesome next on our list is Google Search Console and this one is completely free and it’s an insanely powerful tool. This thing not only will help you to get your website found, but it will tell you when something’s wrong with your website what you need to fix, and what i really like about google uh search console is there is a ton of training videos that come along with it. It hooks up with your site’s analytics it lets you dial in to um you know really you know um granular is the word i want to i’m trying to say i can’t speak english today but dig down into what your users are most interested in on your website. So that you can then produce more content around that you know once you know what people are doing why they’re coming to your site while they’re consuming your content you’re going to want to give them more of that type of content, and Google Search Console is phenomenal for doing that. It does a ton of stuff it even you know allows you to get a brand new site on google it allows you to fix issues that you’re having whether it’s image tags or whatever it is 404 errors and stuff google search console is really great for that and it’s a a great beginner tool.

04:18 Tim Strifler: Yeah absolutely. The next one on our list is Answer The Public, it’s a free i guess more of a keyword research type of tool. IT’s now owned also by Neil Patel or Uubersuggest. They recently acquired it but it is based off of google’s own autocomplete question. So if you start typing like what is WordPress you know or something like that, it’ll start auto suggesting populating. Yeah all of these different questions, and so answer the public is based off of google’s own algorithm and so the way it works is you go to and you type in a keyword type in WordPress web design you know whatever you want to type in, and then it’s going to show you a bunch of questions of what real people are actually asking on Google. So then it helps you figure out what is it that people want to know about this topic.  Right, and then you can create content around that, and so it’s not necessarily anything that you can’t find in the other SEO tools but just the way they display it is really practical, and it’s free which is awesome. And so you can you can find some really valuable information that way. Um so yeah check it out it’s it’s definitely interesting, if if nothing else just the way that they they show the data and they kind of break down the questions by what where will which so the types of questions people are asking um it’s yeah it’s very very unique and um yeah it’s well built for sure.

05:51 David Blackmon: Next on our list is Tubebuddy. And you may have heard this, if you’re in the YouTube world. You know the second largest search engine in the world this is more for video content and optimizing your video content uh for SEO purposes. So tags titling uh thumbnails descriptions all of these things are hugely important when trying to get your video content discovered in the search engines. And Tubebuddy is gonna allow you to dial that in gives you a tremendous amount of data. You know how difficult this um search phrase may be depending on what the topic of your video is, you know. So you may not want to go after a um you know a highly competitive search term with video content because the odds of you taking over those bigger behemoth youtube channels is going to be slimmer than none and this just lets you dive in and pick in what you want to go into and then help you dial in you know the best way that you can for SEO purposes. You have no idea how big thumbnails are. For example on a video they’re huge so Tubebuddy allows you to do that they’ve got great free options, but they also have premium options that you can even go to the next level where they will auto populate all your your tags for you and your time you know. Recommend titles and do all kinds of stuff based on keyword research and stuff like that. So Tubebuddy is a great option check it out

07:27 Tim Strifler: The next free seo tool on our list is Google Trends. Now google trends is really i mean i guess it could technically be used as an seo tool but it’s more for seeing high level trends of what people are are searching. And so it doesn’t show you the actual raw number right like if you type in WordPress. It’s not going to tell you how many people are searching for WordPress but what it will do is it’ll break it down by regions. Okay well relatively speaking how many of these users that are searching for WordPress are coming from the US versus other countries versus what states are they searching from. And so it doesn’t show you the raw numbers of okay well in The State of Wyoming there’s 300 monthly searches for WordPress and then The State of North Dakota there’s this made it doesn’t do that but what it does is it gives you a relative scale and then what you can do is you can compare it versus other search terms. So just for fun i typed in Divi and then i compared it to Elementor and you can see on average what is getting more searches in the search engine. And so again it doesn’t tell you the exact numbers it’s on a relative scale but it shows you uh what’s getting more and over time you can see the trends up and down, and you can see the different areas that people are searching from. And so it’s really powerful it’s more of a kind of a big picture SEO type of tool where you want to see from like a large scale, like what is more popular. It’s not going to give you granular detail like some of the other SEO tools that we mentioned but it can be a good starting point if you’re trying to see okay well what what is what are people searching for more this or this okay well if it’s this then you can ignore this whole other category for the time being and just focus on the on the uh the one that has has is getting more search traffic. So uh yeah it’s it’s a handy tool um it’s not a whole lot you can do with it but it is useful for again those kind of those big uh big picture types of information that you’re looking for.

09:51 David Blackmon:  Awesome, well tomorrow we’ve got another great topic that ties into episode 806. We’re going to talk about five ways to add automation into your web design business. Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then

10:03 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.



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