Our Favorite 3 Episodes From 2018

  1. Adaptability in Business, and How it Costs These Two Companies | EP 415 01:08
    • This was one of our favorite episodes from 2018 because it was a different type of episode than other ones we have recorded.
    • It was a fun episode where we referenced some real world examples about adaptability in business.
  2. How to Get Your First Web Design Client | EP 279 01:51
    • We really like this episode because we gave practical tips for how to get your first client.
    • We talked about who you want to target and how to sell a website to your ideal client.
  3. The 5 Step Recipe for Fast Loading WordPress Websites | EP 280 02:23
    • This was another episode full of practical advice.
    • It gives you the top tips for increasing your website speed.
  4. Bonus! Our three part series about firing clients (without burning bridges)  03:17
  5. Our course starts this week! 04:15

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