Why You Should Share Your Knowledge for Free

  1. It builds an audience 03:11
    • Creating content to share your knowledge will help you to build your audience.
    • If you plan to ever sell products in the future, build an audience now to start creating those relationships.
  2. It builds trust 03:55
    • If your audience sees that you know what you are talking about and are giving away content for free, they will be much more likely to trust you in the future when you have paid offerings.
  3. It establishes you as an expert 04:39
    • Whether this is perceived or real, you’ll be seen as expert when you start sharing your knowledge.
    • If you start a podcast, for example, you can use this as a platform to connect with new audiences and be seen as an expert.
  4. It will help you monetize to your audience through products or services 05:38
    • By creating content like tutorials, it gets your foot in the door with new potential customers.
    • If they find your videos very helpful, it will begin to build that trust and you can more likely sell to them in the future.

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