3 Things You Need to Start a WordPress Business

  1. Computer 01:22
    • If you’re going to start a WordPress business, you’ve got to have the tool to build a WordPress website, which is a computer.
  2. An internet connection 01:37
    • You could definitely make the argument that you don’t need internet to build websites. You could use something like desktop server or local WP to build a WordPress website. While this is true, you’re generally going to need the internet to run your business and build websites.
  3. An ambitious desire to learn 02:05
    • There’s nothing that’s going to replace an ambitious desire to learn. There are lots of free resources out there to learn how to build WordPress websites. You can watch WordPress TV or watch tutorials on YouTube.
    • You have to be hungry and do what’s necessary in order to have a successful business.
    • Obviously, there are other things that you probably want to do for having a successful business, such as using a theme framework like Divi or Beaver Builder, the Adobe Creative Suite, or an invoicing software. Those are all things that are nice and things that we do recommend, but they aren’t necessary to start a business. 

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