5 Site for Web Design Inspiration

  1. Behance 01:29
    • This is a great website where you can browse sites that other users have submitted for web design inspiration.
    • You can also browse other types of creative projects in graphic design, photography, and more.
  2. Dribbble 01:39
    • Similar to Behance — people have profiles and upload their designs to get feedback from other designers.
  3. Awwwards 01:59
    • This site has a directory of some really great looking websites and they give out design awards.
    • The designs will not be your typical client websites — more artistic focused with unique designs.
    • The main difference with these submissions though is that you have to pay to be considered for nomination and to be included in the directory.
    • This can be a negative and a positive. You have to pay, but the fee weeds out anyone not serious about being featured on the website.
    • However, to get design inspiration from the site is completely free. You can browse through and look at the featured websites.
  4. CSS Nectar 03:43
    • Another great place to find web design inspiration.
    • This site allows you to pay a small fee to be potentially featured on the website.
  5. Pages.xyz 03:54
    • Ecommerce related website inspiration —  product pages, apps, etc.

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