7 Outdated Web Design Trends You Shouldn’t Be Using

  1. Trend #1: Automatically playing background music 01:04
    • Either music on the site or in a video.
    • Just because you love the music, doesn’t mean that everyone else will.
  2. Trend #2: Using flash 02:10
    • This is an extremely outdated trend.
    • Usually don’t see this very often, but some people still try to use it.
  3. Trend #3: Obnoxious carousel sliders 03:07
    • Especially the ones that are oversized and animated.
    • The more bells and whistles you have, the less visitors will see the mission of the site.
  4. Trend # 4: Fullscreen background videos 03:55
    • As a rule of thumb, stay away from these.
    • It can look over the top, load slowly, and take up a lot of data for mobile visitors.
  5. Trend #5: Excessive stock images 04:52
    • Use realistic photos when possible.
    • This will make the website look authentic and make it easier for visitors to connect with.
  6. Trend #6: Excessive parallax scrolling 05:47
    • When used excessively, it can be obnoxious and annoying for the visitor.
  7. Trend #7: Aggressive pop-ups 06:22
    • Pop-ups can be effective, but don’t overuse.
  8. Bonus Trend: Too many fonts for no reason 06:50
    • Basic rule of thumb is not to use more than 2 fonts on a page (or even on the whole website).
  9. Bonus Trend: Overbloated sidebars 08:09
    • Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.
    • Keep the sidebars simple.

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