Domain Authority vs Page Authority with SEO

  1. Is there a difference? 00:33
    • Domain Authority: The notion that a page on a highly ranked website will rank higher than a page on another website with that same name.
      • For example: If Apple had a page called Tim Strifler, it would rank higher than another website with a page called Tim Strifler.
    • Google has claimed that domain authority doesn’t exist. The ranking depends on the page, not the domain authority.
  2. Domain Authority vs Page Authority 01:47
    • They are both important.
    • David believes that these are both a factor because he spent a lot of time building up the SEO ranking for his company, Aspen Grove Studios. Now, when he posts a blog post, it immediately ranks on Google.
  3. The argument against Domain Authority 04:31
    • Some people would argue that David’s blog posts are ranking so well in search so quickly because these pages are linked to high ranking pages on his website, which gives the post more SEO value.
  4. One thing to note 06:31
    • The age of the domain does matter.
    • Google says that the older the website, the more likely it is to rank higher.
  5. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter 07:49
    • Use SEO best practices, but always focus on creating great and consistent content.
    • The rankings will follow.

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