Why You Should Always Take The High Road & Never Burn Bridges With Clients

  1. Why this is important 00:32
    • At some point in your career, you’re going to come across a situation where you have trouble getting paid, or some other problem arises in the project.
    • These situations can be quite the moral dilemma. You want to get paid, but you also don’t want to burn bridges, as David’s story illustrates.
  2. The lesson behind David’s story 02:01
    • In most situations it is better to just let it go. Take the high road and don’t go after the client for that final payment, etc.
    • You don’t always know what is going on in the other person’s life. They could be in very desperate times.
    • Don’t dwell on these situations, just let them go. Never burn bridges with the client. You never know how the relationship might come back into your life in the future.

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