Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2022


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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:35 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:38  David Blackmon: Today in episode 694 we’re going to answer the question does email marketing still work in 2022? Does anybody even check email anymore Tim i mean really? 

01:10 Tim Strifler: Yeah this is one of those questions that it gets asked literally every single year, and people write blog articles about it and and stuff like that, and it’s like one of those things where it’s like everyone’s been waiting for email to die. And it hasn’t died, it’s still very effective as a marketing tool. So i’m gonna go ahead and answer the question David does email marketing still work in 2022? Yes! 

01:36 David Blackmon: Yeah i agree i agree it’s still our number one conversion um tool that we use for um sales in our company i believe it still is maybe for years i know you run a lot more ads than i do so…

02:04 Tim Strifler: No it’s still definitely number one, and and the reason why email is still effective is it’s a direct line of communication to your audience. So if you’re a company and you’re trying to stay in touch with your audience and promote new products new services that you’re offering or new free resources just to continue adding value to your audience well email is a direct line of communication to them, opposed to social media right facebook uh into twitter youtube yeah tick tock. Exactly so all these new new social channels are being released and getting popular but they’re not it’s not a direct line of communication, because it’s crowded and you’re fighting algorithms in order to get uh seen and stuff, like that where email it’s like it it’s old school, where there’s no algorithms right? So people have to go in and and manually open you’re sending to them, and so if you get someone on your email list um it’s a big deal because they’re gonna see your stuff more than likely um and they can choose to unsubscribe, they can choose to ignore you, but uh it’s not like social where you could have 50 000 followers but really only you know a couple hundred people are actually seeing your stuff got you.

03:44 David Blackmon: Um i agree i couldn’t agree more, so um yeah email marketing is still king in 2022. No sense in beating a dead horse or talking anymore uh i do think that you know Tim and i have some email marketing stuff that we’re going to be doing this year, so make sure that you subscribe to our email list because we’re going to be teaching you some tips and tricks, and what we’ve done to be successful with our email. So head on over to get on our email list and start the journey with us and we’ll help you it will help you with uh your email marketing and stuff. Tomorrow we’ve got another great topic a wordpress plugin highlight yoast seo uh breadcrumbs short code man i almost stopped at yoast seo tim it’s yoast seo breadcrumbs bread short codes..  English David… hey Tim until tomorrow i’ll see you then man

03:53  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye


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