David and Tim’s Sunday Thoughts

  1. We are tired 01:28
    • We just launched our course “Become a Divi Business Expert” and it has been a long time in the making.
    • We have been really working hard to put as much value into this course as possible.
    • All this in addition to running our WordPress businesses and producing daily podcast episodes!
  2. We are taking a much needed weekend off 05:48
    • We are both taking time off this weekend to relax and have mini vacations.
    • It’s been an exciting year so far and it has flown by.
  3. We have some exciting things coming up for our businesses 08:06
    • Tim has a new membership that he is launching with at least 10 new products.
    • David has acquired several companies in the last year and is in the process of merging one with his existing company.
    • We are also working on our general WordPress course too!

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