Why You Should Always Track Your Time While Building WordPress Websites

  1. Your time is your money 00:38
    • You need to know how long it takes to build a website, so you know how much to bid.
    • You can use this to track whether or not your project will be profitable.
    • Setapp has a suite of apps that you can use for time tracking, productivity, and business management.
  2. Track your time on each individual task 03:16
    • This will help you estimate tasks for the future. If you track all of your time without taking notes on what you worked on, you won’t know how much time it takes for each task.
    • If you are all over the place and just guessing how much time the project will take, you’re creating a recipe for losing money.
    • Tim uses Freshbooks for invoicing and the built-in time tracking. It allows him to take notes with each task as he completes a project.

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