7 Reasons Email Marketing is the Most Effective Marketing

  1. Email marketing is a direct line to your audience 01:25
    • With social media, you have to worry about algorithms.
    • With email marketing, you have full access to the people on your email list. You don’t have to pay to reach more people who want to see your content.
    • If you have 7,000 people who like your Facebook page, only a few hundred may see one of your posts. If you have this many email subscribers, you can send emails to 7,000 people directly.
  2. You own the list, which means you control the traffic that comes from it 02:54
    • Email is a long term strategy, but once you build it up, you own it.
    • You can reach many people through a targeted Facebook ad, but you don’t own that traffic.
    • This means that you can send an email to your list whenever you want.
  3. Email marketing is highly personalized and targeted 04:10
    • Using tools like GetResponse, you can send content and offers to subscribers based on what actions they took on your website.
    • You can set up sequences when subscribers sign up for your list that leads them through predetermined content.
  4. You can create lasting relationships 06:09
    • Part of email marketing best practice is to nurture your email list.
    • Over time, as you communicate with your list and provide a lot of value, people begin to trust you.
  5. It keeps your brand top of mind 07:09
    • Someone might be on your email list for awhile and may not even read your emails.
    • Then, someday you will have a product that they need and they will notice.
  6. Email marketing is relatively inexpensive 08:07
    • Compared to online advertising on Google or social media, email marketing is very affordable.
  7. It’s measurable, testable, action-oriented 08:56
    • The analytics with email marketing is incredible.
    • You can see the open rate, find out if the user is a unique visitor, or even A/B test content.
    • Compare this to direct mail campaigns, where you don’t know for sure who received the message or how effective the campaign was. The power of analytics with email marketing is amazing.

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