3 Methods of Obtaining SSL Certificates

Today we’re going to do a follow-up on a topic we did a few days ago about SSL certificates. If you want to listen to what SSL is and why you need it for your WordPress website, check out Episode 130 of WP the Podcast.


  1. Let’s Encrypt 01:22
    • It’s 100% free.
    • Most hosts offer a one click SSL install through Let’s Encrypt.
    • Every website that you build should have an SSL. It’s so easy to get that there really is no excuse to not get one.
  2. Cloudflare 02:10
    • We talk about the benefits of using Cloudflare on Episode 36.
    • One of the benefits of using Cloudflare is that you get a free SSL certificate.
    • Their SSL is a bit different from other options because it is a flexible SSL. This gives you protection for your typical website, but for an ecommerce site, you should use the next option.
  3. A paid SSL certificate 03:47
    • So why should you pay for an SSL when other options are free? Well the technology in a paid certificate and Let’s Encrypt is the same, the difference is on the verification side.
    • If you go to a website like Comodo, to get a paid SSL, they are going to make sure you are who you say you are. They have several layers of verification where they might check whether you really own your domain or request documentation for your business.
    • Again, it is the same level of encryption, but it will give your users more confidence that they will be safe on your website because you went through a higher level of verification.

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