5 ways to increase Your website traffic this month.

  1. Create something extraordinary00:37
  2. Paid Ads 03:08
  3. Sponsored posts 04:12
  4. Facebook groups 04:56
  5. Use social platforms 06:23

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:37 David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about five ways to increase your website traffic this month. Tim and I have talked a lot about how to increase website traffic overall and in general. And typically it’s a it’s an organic long play that we recommend and it takes you know anywhere from a year to eighteen months a year and a half to get really good consistent organic traffic coming into your website. But we wanted to give you some tips and tricks that you could use to get traffic in the next thirty days. So here’s five things that we think we can help you with
first and foremost number one is freebies create something extraordinary! Ideally free that will draw attention to your website and bring traffic in. So an example of what we did several years ago with Aspen Grove Studios when we launched our business. Obviously we’re a big Divi  Company you know Tim and I are our Divi product creators, we created the demo zone which was actually a multi-site that we built several amazing you know websites and layouts that was built with the Divi theme. And we wrote some custom plugins to allow multiple people on the same page at the same time we locked down the database so they couldn’t change things and screw up the designs and stuff but they could go on the back end and see exactly how it was built. Because we kept getting the same questions over and over and over again in the Facebook groups that Tim and I were you know administrating. And you know highly involved in and you know which were hey how are they doing this effect hey how are they doing this so we created the demo zone it was 100% free and it basically allowed people to come and learn Divi and to this day it is still a high converting lead magnet and draws a lot of traffic to our website. That’s one example several people have you know we also have a child theme creator that’s free tim has some amazing guides on everything you need to know about  child themes from video walkthroughs to tutorials and stuff so that’s totally free create that type of content. Put it out there and and then get your you know
your friends and network to share this stuff and if it gets picked up somewhere you’re gonna get a lot of traffic and you can do that in 30 days.
Number two..

03:08 Tim Strifler: Yeah absolutely the next one on the list is paid ads. Now sometimes you have to spend money to make money. And so paid  ads can be a great way to get traffic to your website. Pretty much immediately. However one thing worth  noting is if you’ve never ran ads before it can be challenging to kind of get your your ads dialed in and figure out your audiences and stuff like that and so you know I would say if you’re brand new to paid ads like there’s a minimum of like a 30-day learning curve you’ll pretty much get traffic right away. However it might not be  traffic that converts and so I do want to kind of say that you know major caveat is it can take time to actually have it be effective but if you’re willing to put some money out there Facebook ads or Google Ads or both can be a great way to get traffic to your website. And so yeah it’s you know you might be thinking well we only want free ways to get traffic but sometimes you got to spend some money.

04:12 David Blackmon: And number three is another paid way potentially not paid although I don’t know many highly successful WordPress websites that are gonna allow you to come and promote your website on their website without some type of number three sponsored posts. Some of the higher trafficked websites. In the WordPress world sometimes allow you to sponsor posts on their site where they you pay a
fee and they allow you to put their your post your blog posts and then direct traffic over to your website for whatever reason to get your freebie or
whatever it is but again that’s another way that you can get some traffic immediately but it’s gonna cost money.

04:56 Tim Strifler: Yeah definitely! And then the the next thing on the list here that can get you traffic in the next 30 days and even potentially on a consistent basis if you do right is Facebook groups. Now I’m not suggesting by any means to go into a bunch of Facebook groups that are in your niche and just start spamming your services or your products or whatever. But what you can do if it’s permitted by the the group admins is create something really great some sort of tutorial. Something of high value it could be a freebie can just be a blog post but something that is you know extraordinary you know it’s something better than what people are used to seeing out there and you know link to it in the Facebook groups. Now again you don’t want to do anything that’s against the rules and you also don’t want to just go into a Facebook group and be brand new to it
and all of a sudden just start posting your stuff even if it is completely free tutorial training. Whatever you want to kind of get familiar with the  group and how the group dynamics work and also offer help and answer people’s questions and stuff and kind of give back to the group before you you you post something. Even if you are posting something that is completely free so that that’s something that can work really well depending on the niche and and so forth. But yeah Facebook groups can be awesome but you have to do it right cannot stress that enough.

06:23 David Blackmon: And last on our lists but definitely not least is to use some type of social platform like Reddit.  Where you know if you’re  familiar with Reddit. Reddit is a forum type kind of platform that that covers.  I think it covers every topic on the planet there’s a group a subreddit group in there that covers it. So for example Divi. Let’s just stick with Divi. There is a Divi Reddit group you know and one thing that we did a couple of years ago for a client of mine that worked really really well we launched their new website brand new no even in the world knew who this company was it was called flip tails and I had a Creator who created flip books. He had taken the first the top 200 names in the IRS database and created flip books for those 200 names male and female boys and girls. And you know David turned into a peregrine falcon for  example and it was just a thumb flip through book. Well we launched the website about 30 days before Christmas and he wanted to get a bunch  of sales for his new product and one of our strategies was is to go out and if we could get to page one on Reddit. We knew that it would go viral  and we would get a ton of traffic to our website so what we did was we created a very unique creative video showing off the flip books. We  posted it to Reddit and the trick with Reddit is if you get enough up votes you’re gonna get to page one and if you get to page one on Reddit 
you’re gonna have an insane amount of traffic. I think we got a million visitors in that first 24 hours or something it was incredible to you know  
to to see how much traffic and how many sales he actually made. But it was just a plan that we put together. We knew that if we could get to you know page 1 of Reddit that it was gonna go viral and stuff. And it’s the same with some of these other you know platforms like Tic Toc or Snapchat or any of those other ones if you can do something that or YouTube you know YouTube’s a little bit  different in that you know it’s kind of works like it’s the second largest  search engine in the world so you’ve got to get indexed and there’s just so many factors where it’s like a Reddit or something like that. There’s like you know people with these topics you’re gonna get instantly and if people start up voting it’s going you know so but yeah use some type of platform like that and it could be huge I hope that made sense Tim and you know just get creative
and get some website traffic to your site tomorrow we’ve got another great topic for you Tim anything else want to close it out?

09:21 Tim Strifler: I think that is it for this topic but yeah if you’re new to WV the podcasts. Were happy that you are here hit subscribe leave us a review preferably 5 stars. Feel free to recommend some topic ideas of things you’d like to learn this is episode 636 so obviously we’ve covered a lot of different things. And feel free to go in and search our website or whatnot for it for different different things because we might already have a topic on it. 

09:50 David Blackmon: Awesome well Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

09:54 Tim Strifler: Take care bye bye.

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