Personal Brand vs Company Brand for Web Design

  1. David’s experience 01:17
    • David has a business partner for Aspen Grove Studios, so it would be harder to use branding for David Blackmon. It makes more sense to use company branding.
  2. Tim’s experience 02:21
    • The client side of Tim’s business is branded as Tim Strifler Online Solutions. He does have a team of people helping him run his business, but the company is still branded as Tim Strifler.
  3. Personal branding 02:56
    • You may not be seen as established compared to company brand. Some people like working with a one person company, but the bigger clients may prefer a larger company.
    • A big pro of personal branding is that people get to know you.
  4. Company branding 04:07
    • If you plan to scale your business and go after bigger clients, then company branding might be better long term.
    • Additionally, you could sell your business much easier when it’s branded to a company name versus your personal name.
  5. It depends on what your goals are 04:55
    • If you are plan to focus on client work, then you might want to use a company name.
    • If you are planning on being a motivational speaker, an author, a coach, or anything along those lines, then you might want to use your personal name instead.

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