5 Ways to Prevent Burnout as a Freelancer

  1. Take time off 02:05
    • As freelancers and entrepreneurs, we typically love what we do and working doesn’t really feel like working.
    • This means that we can sometimes forget to take a break.
    • Go out into nature or spend time connecting with people in real life. Just something to get you away from your work for awhile.
  2. Set clear boundaries 02:38
    • When you work from home, the lines get blurred between what is work and what is personal.
    • You need to set clear boundaries on where you work and where you live.
    • Tim only works in his office and does not work in the evenings. If it is after 5 and it can wait until tomorrow, it will wait until tomorrow.
  3. Be organized 04:16
    • Have a strategy for your client work, your marketing, or your social media.
    • When you aren’t organized and don’t have a strategy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and suffer burnout.
  4. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally 05:45
    • It’s easy to sit at your desk all day and not get up to move around. It’s also easy sneak a few snacks, since the kitchen is just around the corner.
    • It’s important to stay active, eat healthy, and take breaks.
  5. Focus on at least one thing that sparks creativity or brings you joy 07:48
    • David and Tim love podcasting and making WP the Podcast episodes.
    • David loves to be involved with the RV community and travel full-time in an RV with his wife.
    • Tim loves to be in nature and breathe fresh air while out walking his dog.
    • Doing something that lets you be creative and brings you joy will have a positive effect on the rest of your life.

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