5 Techniques to Close Web Design Contracts

  1. Technique #1: Know the value that you bring to the table 02:06
    • You need to understand what it is that you’re going to do for your client and be able to convey that to them.
    • You also have to be able to explain how you are going to help their business and increase ROI.
  2. Technique #2: Be the expert 03:00
    • People want to hire experts. They want to hire someone who has experience, knows what they are doing, and can do what it takes to get the job done.
  3. Technique #3: Be confident 04:40
    • If there is project that comes up and you aren’t comfortable with the skills required to complete the job, you have two options:
      • Route A – Be transparent and honest. Tell the client that you don’t currently offer those services, but you can look into it (if you want to).
      • Or Route B – Tell the client “No problem”. Then you go figure out how to do it.
    • Clients are spending money for your skills. They need to feel confident that you are confident about completing the job.
  4. Technique # 4: Always speak with a client on the phone (or in person) 05:47
    • When a new client emails and asks for an estimate of a project, it’s tempting to want to respond and say “Okay for what you are wanting, it will be X amount of dollars.”
    • But you will close so many more deals if you respond over the phone. You’ll be able to make that connection, build trust, and show your expertise.
    • Also, if a client has reached out to you, they have probably reached out to other web designers as well. You can differentiate yourself by picking up the phone and calling.
  5. Technique #5: Hire a great salesperson 09:13
    • If sales is just not your thing, hire someone to sell for you.
    • A great salesperson is worth their weight in gold.

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