The Best Browser for Web Design

  1. Tim’s favorites 02:02
    • “I’ll always have Chrome and Safari open at all times. I would say the answer of the best browser for web design would be Chrome. It has the best built-in developer tools.”
    • Firefox just released their brand new version of their browser. I haven’t played around with the developer tools too much, but a lot of people say that they’re really great and the new Firefox is really fast too. So, I would say Chrome and Firefox are definitely the best.”
    • “I use Safari a lot to work on the back-end of websites because I like to use the iCloud feature for passwords. Then, I will switch over to Chrome on my other monitor to use the inspect element tools.”
    • “I would say Chrome is a solid browsing and has the best developer tools, but it also uses up the most computer resources.”
  2. David’s favorites 04:02
    • “I don’t do a lot of the design and development of the sites anymore, but I still have Chrome, Safari, and Firefox open at all times because I still review the sites.”
    • I’m in agreement with Tim. Chrome is probably number one. Firefox for me is probably number three and Safari is number two.”
    • “My work set up is that I have Safari open with my productivity tools like Asana, Trello, and Google Drive. Chrome typically has client websites open. Then, Firefox will have social things open.”

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