Why You Need a WordPress Backup Solution

  1. Reason #1: Servers crash 01:51
    • Technology breaks. That’s just how things happen.
    • If your server crashes, you’ll be able to restore your website.
  2. Reason #2: Websites get hacked 02:19
    • You can be doing everything right, with the most secure passwords and plugins, but can still get hacked if you use shared hosting.
    • This is why you want to use better hosting like WPEngine or A2 hosting.
  3. Reason #3: People make mistakes 03:24
    • If a webpage or content element accidentally gets deleted off the site, you will be able to easily restore it.
  4. Reason # 4: Web elements can clash 04:01
    • WordPress, themes, and plugins all update frequently. With so many elements updating and changing at the same time, it is common for these to clash.

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