5 Tips for an Effective Work Life Balance

  1. Be disciplined about your work hours 02:13
    • One of the benefits of working for yourself is getting to choose your own hours.
    • Find the hours that fit your lifestyle and then stick to that routine.
    • Tim usually doesn’t work nights and weekends. If he’s working at night, it is usually a passion project.
  2. Have a hobby 03:22
    • Tim recently bought a drone. This gives him a hobby to be passionate about that also gets him outside.
    • Other people might join a softball league or maybe take some exercise classes.
    • Spending time away from your business is important for having good work life balance.
  3. Set non work-related goals for yourself 04:05
    • David has a goal to go on a 30 minute walk twice a day. It’s healthy for him and allows him to disconnect from his computer.
    • Tim has a goal of meeting up with a friend once a week. When he gets really focused on work, sometimes he forgets to keep in touch with friends. This goal will help him keep his work life balance in check.
  4. Create and enforce rules for yourself 05:15
    • This plays into some of the other tips above.
    • This could mean no phone while you’re relaxing. If you’re on your phone, you’re not really relaxing or taking a break.
    • Create those rules for yourself. You have to be disciplined, but it will pay off in the long run.
  5. Be productive during your work hours 06:27
    • Use good time management skills. This will help you get more done, so that you feel like you deserve a break.
    • It’s the “work hard, play hard” mentality.
    • Focus on one task at a time. Don’t be emailing a client, while also troubleshooting a support issue with an employee. If you focus on too many things at once, you won’t effectively get anything done.

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